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1. It is also mainly used for architectural decorative lighting purposes. It also outlines the outline of large buildings. Its technical parameters are generally similar to LED floodlights. Compared to LED floodlights of other shapes, the LED wall washers have a strip-shaped structure. The heat sink looks better.

2. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors, long life, etc., so now other wall-washing lights of light sources are gradually replaced by LED wall-washing lights, such as the wall lighting of the company's enterprise building, the lighting of the government building, and historic buildings. The wall lighting, entertainment venues, etc.; the scope touched more and more widely, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the initial part of the lighting to the overall lighting today, are the level of progress and development.

3. LED wall washers have been heavily invested in lighting projects. In the next few years, LED wall washers will become an indispensable part of the lighting project.
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